Unique And Creative Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas

Unique And Creative Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas

Photoshoots in the bathtub are an incredible way to integrate your unique personality into a sensual and creative setting. This collection of photoshoot ideas goes beyond what you expect for a bathtub session because all of your photographs ought to be exceptional, one-of-a-kind, and unforgettable.

You can even create sensual and imaginative bathtub picture shoots at home. It goes without saying that preparing such a picture session requires careful consideration, preparation, and concept selection.

You’ll discover various intriguing concepts below, from a bathtub filled with balloons to seductive images of milk or flowers.

All of our suggestions range from amusing concepts like floating in a bathtub of money to elegant ideas like infusing the history of your location into your photoshoot with cinnamon sticks and spices!

Bathtub Photoshoot Preparation

  • Start with bath water temperature. Warmer than lukewarm is excellent. This is crucial while working with pregnant women and babies. Your lens will steam if the water is too hot. To avoid sliding and falling, keep everything dry and clean during practice.
  • Either almond milk or coconut milk will give you a hazy appearance, which I think looks lovely. When you add more milk, the color of the water will change to a milky white and become more opaque.
  • If the bathtub is overly full, it may be difficult for your subject to maintain the position you want them to in the photograph. My preferred method is to fill it up to the point where the body of the person I’m photographing is partially submerged. Although the exact amount will vary from one individual to the next, a good place to start is filling the tub to a depth of approximately 12 inches.
  • Make use of natural light wherever it is available. Natural light is my top choice since it helps create a more ethereal atmosphere and diffuses harsh shadows.
  • Flowers and props add dimension and emotion to my shots. Wet slips or nightgowns look wonderful in a bath. Only real flowers float. If you can’t afford genuine flowers, use bubble wrap to float artificial ones.

10 Unique and Creative Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas 

1. Bubbly Bath Pose

bathtub picture ideas bubly bath

You need to develop your soap bubble-making skills if you want to be successful at bubble photography. You may use ordinary soap if you choose. But chances are good that its bubbles will swiftly burst while you’re firing.

Add two tablespoons of liquid soap (hand soap or dishwashing liquid) to a half cup of water first.

Next, incorporate a few drops of glycerine into the container and then wait a few hours. The strength and durability of the bubbles are due to glycerine.

Relax in the tub while holding a glass of wine or champagne, and let the bubbles in the bathtub do the work for you.

For this particular stance, you must position yourself in such a way that the bubbles create an atmosphere that is both lighthearted and unwinding, and that your face is always visible.

2. Candles And Flowers Pose

candles and flowers bathtub photography ideas

You will immediately experience a greater sense of calm and serenity in your environment simply by incorporating even a small amount of candlelight.

If you want to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, you could even put some candles scented with essential oils next to your bed.

These warm and fuzzy candle captions will surely bring a smile to your face and brighten up your feed as you get creative, demonstrating how much your candles provide you joy.

Place candles and fresh flowers all around the bathtub to create a private and sensual ambiance. If you want this photo to convey a sense of ease and comfort, you should strike a position that emphasizes your ease and relaxation in the bathtub.

3. Books And Bath Pose

books and bath shower photoshoot ideas

To create a memorable and one-of-a-kind picture of yourself, try taking a selfie while you’re relaxing in the tub.

For this position, it is essential to emphasize your individuality and sense of style; hence, you should select a pose that exemplifies your self-assurance and sense of individuality.

4. Music And Bath Pose

music creative bathtub photoshoot

If you want to create a setting that is as stress-free as possible for the photography you will do in the bathtub, consider using some of your favorite essential oils in aromatherapy and put on some music that is soothing.

If you want your photoshoot to be a positive and exciting experience, consider playing some of your favorite tunes while you’re in the tub.

For this pose, it is crucial to concentrate on the rhythm and energy of the music; therefore, you should adopt a posture that demonstrates your appreciation of and engagement with the music.

5. Foam Bath Pose

foam bath pose

This bathtub photo idea is simple. Glycerin, water, and two spoons of liquid soap are needed. Add glycerin to soap and water. Leave it for a few hours. To save time, utilise a specific solution.

Playfully posing in a foam-filled bathtub. For this position, choose a pose that shows your energy and passion.

6. Soaking in the Tub Pose

soaking in the tub

Spending time in a tub filled with hot water has been shown to reduce feelings of tension and anxiety.

According to research, a body submerged in a bath containing jets has been found to have additional healing effects. Moving water activates touch receptors in the skin, which relaxes stiff muscles.

Additionally, the vapor from the moving water helps to clear your lungs and make breathing easier.

Take a long, relaxing soak in the tub, turn down the lights, and focus on the present moment. For this posture, it is vital to concentrate on the calm and untroubled ambiance of the photo, so find a pose that demonstrates that you are comfortable and at ease with yourself.

7. Bathtub Selfie Pose

bathtub selfie tub photoshoot ideas

Take a fun and unique photo of yourself by taking a selfie while you’re soaking in the tub. For this position, it is essential to put the emphasis on your individuality and sense of style; hence, you should select a pose that exemplifies both your self-assurance and your uniqueness.

Lie on your back in the water and aim your gun at your face as you float there.

Alternatively, you could run a bubble bath, go into it, and then take a picture of your face while it is surrounded by foam. However, be sure you don’t lose your phone by accident!

8. Rose Petals And Candles Pose

rose petals bathtub pic ideas

Place rose petal fragments on the surface of the water. A romantic and aromatic atmosphere is created in your bath by scattering rose petals over the water’s surface.

You may also prepare a puree by pulverizing a few cups’ worths of rose petals in a blender that’s been filled with hot water. Stir it about in the steamy water of the bath, or massage it into each other while you’re in there.

In order to further enhance the intimate atmosphere of your bathroom, you may also scatter rose petals around the space.

It is vital to focus on the romantic and intimate ambiance of the shot for this posture, so find a pose that demonstrates your connection and intimacy with your partner to get this effect.

9. Bathtub And Wine Pose

bathtub picture ideas bathtub and wine

Nothing soothes the soul more after a long day than unwinding in the bathtub with a glass of something delicious. Fill a glass with your favorite beverage, whether it’s wine, lemonade, or soda, and smile for the camera as you sip it.

The wine in these pictures, especially the red and blueberry wine, seems quite tasty.

Props like empty glasses, books, vintage bottles, bouquets, and jewelry like a hair bow can also be used to enhance the photograph further.

By choosing a stance that emphasizes your connection and intimacy with your spouse, you can draw attention to the romantic and intimate mood of the picture.

10. Bathtub and Flower Pose

bathtub photography ideas bathtub and flower

Surrounding the bathtub with fresh flowers can create a tranquil and calming atmosphere for a peaceful and serene setting.

The soft and delicate petals, coupled with the sweet aroma of the flowers, can create a feeling of relaxation that is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

When taking a photo in this setting, capturing the essence of calmness and serenity is important. One should focus on comfort and relaxation, choosing a pose that showcases the beauty of the surroundings while conveying a sense of peace and contentment.

Whether it’s reclining back with eyes closed or simply enjoying the fragrant blossoms, a photo taken in this serene setting will surely bring peace and tranquility to anyone who views it.


There is no denying that bathtub photoshoots can be a unique and creative way to capture stunning images. Whether you want to add visual interest to your social media feed or create a captivating work of art, the bathtub offers many possibilities.

The creative options are endless, from playing with lighting and shadows to incorporating unique props and accessories.

With a little planning and a healthy dose of imagination, you can transform a simple bathroom fixture into a work of art. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and let your creativity flow as you explore the exciting world of bathtub photography.

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