12 Creative Saree Photoshoot Ideas

12 Creative Saree Photoshoot Ideas

The Indian appeal of the saree is timeless. The yards of silk or any material draped around the curves and crevices of a woman is a sense of beauty that would need another universe to contain! With sarees being a staple in the wardrobe of every Indian woman, it is, no doubt, an aesthetic that garners hundreds of pictures being taken for the very look created. 

There is no denying the fact that the traditional saree has remained fashionable over the years. On the other hand, there are a number of different ways that you can drape and show off your saree in today’s world. A good photograph with a saree would improve the overall aesthetic and attract more attention.

And if you’re camera shy or feel that the lens in the camera isn’t as kind to you as your mirror, fear not because we’ve got you covered. Straighten that pallu and tighten your jhumkas because, girl, we’ve got just the pose for you that makes your Instagram-like count soar up high!

12 Creative Saree Photography Ideas

1. Sitting on the Floor Pose 

saree photoshoot ideas at home sitting pose
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Taking pictures while seated on the floor is a fantastic way to showcase your saree. In order to rest your elbow, you can bring in one of your legs and pull it close to your body.

You can show off the saree’s full beauty by striking this position. Other feminine positions that require you to remain on the floor are also acceptable. It’ll let you put your own spin on things for a shot that’s sure to stand out.

You don’t need any elaborate props to pull this off; however, you may make use of a carpet or bedcover with some pretty designs. Use them as throw rugs, knotted window coverings, or as is. You can improve the visual aesthetic of your frame by playing around with different compositions.

2. Non-standard Angle Saree Shot 

creative saree photography non standard pose

Sculpt your own look! Who’s to say that saree shoots have to be a certain way? Own it and flaunt it! Go for the unique and dazzle in your non-standard angle saree shoots! By picking an appropriate camera angle, you can draw attention to a saree worn by a model.

You can either face the photographer directly or maintain a semi-turned stance while spreading out the saree to ensure that it fills the majority of the frame. You might need to employ the help of an assistant to take this kind of picture.

This person would stand outside of the frame and hold the saree for you. You could also hold the free end of your saree and swirl it slowly around your body instead.

3. Saree Shots at Home 

creative saree photography saree shot
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Sarees are the epitome of homeliness. Sure, they can be angled as statement wear, and throw in a lil’ glitter, and you’re party ready. Still, for a good part, sarees embody the traditional Indian home attire, oozing warmth and familiarity.

Pick a door or a window, or spread out on the floor; the puja room also serves as a great place for some ultimate picture background! What we would suggest is to adorn a saree made of cotton in a light color that does not have any distinguishing designs. It will produce an environment that is serene and inviting.

4. Posing in the Flower Garden

saree photoshoot ideas at home flower garden

Be sure to use the blossoming trees as a backdrop for your photographs if the time of your session coincides with the beginning of the blooming season for trees. This concept for a picture to be taken wearing a saree will work wonderfully if the flowers’ color coincides with the saree’s color.

You can get a delicate and feminine appearance by donning a light-pink dress or a pastel saree. To achieve a relaxed attitude, you can capture them by lightly touching the gorgeous branches, smelling them, or simply gazing in amazement at them. Nothing can beat a picture taken with nature as a canvas. 

5. Posing with friends in Saree 

saree shoot ideas posing with friends
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Come on! You don’t need us to tell you that this is an OG pose that you need to have in your gallery.

Starting with the twelfth-grade farewell pictures, right up to college events till the farewell, and for the rest of our lives, at different points, we are bound to take pictures of our colorful gangs adorned with beautiful sarees and even more beautiful smiles!

Get your girlfriends to dress up in sarees and pose for a group photo if you want to demonstrate your close friendship. Take a picture of you and your friends draped in sarees, or plan an elaborate Indian wedding photo shoot.

Make a day out of it! Dress up and let your inner desi show! You will be able to take some unique pictures to share on social media or print them out for the family album. 

6. Posing on Stairs 

posing on stairs saree photo ideas
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What better way to show off the folds of the saree? Another possibility is for you to lie down on the staircase. As a result, you will be able to build a stunning arrangement within the frame. Because of this stance, it is much simpler to lay the saree out on the steps and photograph all of the material’s intricate features.

Make sure that you make use of a specialised lighting kit in order to snap photographs of a high grade. You may spice up your photoshoot by adding some diversity by taking pictures while sitting on the steps.

You can either walk down the stairs while holding the end of your saree, sit on the steps, put one leg on the stairs and slightly bend, or put the other leg on the stairs and slightly bend.

7. Taking Saree Shots while Dancing 

dancing saree photoshoot style
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Another timeless classic is taking pictures of sarees while dancing or striking a dance pose. Remember to incorporate India’s diverse dance traditions into your photographic documentation of the country.

Taking beautiful photographs while draped in a saree may be accomplished with the help of a number of different dance photography ideas. Make sure you get ready for such a picture by brushing up on the traditional dancing stances associated with Indian culture.

It is important to rehearse your motions and stances before the shoot so that you can appear natural and calm on camera.

8. Close-up Shots in Saree 

creative saree photography close up shot
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You can flaunt your jewelry and flawless bindi-adorned makeup in close-up saree shots. You can go all out, as Indian ladies typically sport several jewelry items simultaneously. Moreover, henna designs can be used to adorn the hands.

It will look gorgeous next to your portrait. Take note of the best tattoo photography positions. Taking a close-up photo of a traditional gown and accessories is the best way to capture the minute elements of the ensemble. Indian ladies commonly wear their sarees wrapped around their shoulders and heads in public.

9. Portrait Photoshoot in Saree 

creative saree photoshoot potriat photoshoot

Taking full-length photos is the ideal way to show off a classic ensemble. The saree should be allowed to flow freely from the way you stand.

It’s convenient since one hand can hold the loose end while the other touches the face, shoulder, or chest. We would suggest going with something simple and plain as the background. It’s a great way to get people to focus on your ensemble. Classical Indian jewelry, including earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces, can also be worn with the ensemble for a more polished look.

10. Studio Photoshoot in Saree 

creative saree photography studio pose

Plan a studio photoshoot to ensure your saree pictures look professional, with carefully adjusted lighting and well-balanced colors. If you spend enough time and effort on it, you can successfully create the impression of a stunning woman dressed in traditional Indian attire.

Make sure to pay close attention to every element of the costume and check that it harmonizes with other elements of the photo, such as jewelry. Also, you might need to employ conventional accessories and work with a professional hairstylist.

In addition, consider your makeup. Choose a few model postures that will make you appear chic and attractive in the photo to help you adopt the best position.

11. Photoshoot in Traditional Settings 

tradional settings saree photo ideas

Traditional settings are a wonderful way to enhance your saree picture ideas. Adding to the inherent traditionalism of draping a saree, a setting such as a temple, a puja room, or anything with a traditional aesthetic aura would work wonders for your picture.

12. Photoshoot in Natural Settings

nature saree photoshoot style

Nothing is going to be as enhancing as a natural setting for your picture. Nature is the most beautiful setting that there is. And you can never go wrong, including as much as you can get away from the green grass, the warm earth, or the tall trees in your pictures.

Here are Some Tips For a Portrait Saree Photoshoot

Choose the right location: Select a location that complements the saree and the overall theme of the photoshoot. It could be a natural setting like a garden or a beach or an urban environment like a graffiti wall or a street market.

Pose creatively: Experiment with different poses and angles to find the most flattering position for the saree. You can try traditional poses like the ‘namaste’ pose or contemporary poses like sitting on a chair or leaning against a wall.

Play with lighting: Lighting can make or break a photo. Use natural light to create a soft and flattering effect, or experiment with artificial lighting to add drama and flair to the photo.

Accessorize smartly: Use jewelry, hair accessories, and other props to enhance the saree and add personality to the photo.

Pay attention to details: Small details like the draping of the saree, the hairstyle, and the makeup can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the photo. So, make sure to pay attention to every detail.


Saree photoshoots have become increasingly popular in recent years, with women looking for creative and unique ways to showcase their traditional attire. The 12 ideas presented in this article offer various options catering to different preferences and styles.

From classic poses to more contemporary ones, from indoor settings to outdoor locations, there is no limit to the creativity that can be infused into a saree photoshoot. Whether the focus is on highlighting the intricate details of the saree or creating a mood and atmosphere that complements the garment, there are endless possibilities to explore.

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